Welcome to Vassist. Solution for time management problem

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Amazing Features

Simplicity for the user (Would love new feedback/suggestion)

Artificially Intelligent

Automatically detect message related to event .

Event Detection

Automatically Extract event title, event start date, event end date, event location from message

Calendar Monitoring

Automatically Check calendar and observes conflicts

Alert Recipient

Inform other recipient automatically as a reminder for the event planned together before the event date/time

Driving Detection

Reject incoming call when you are driving

Conflict Resolver

Automatically resolve conflict on events

Why it's best

Vassist works like a personal assistant. It serves as a “virtual Assistant”.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future
  • Automates Your Life
  • Prevents Conflicts

Description of Application

Virtual Assist (Vassist) is an application which works like a personal assistant. We serve as a ‘Virtual Assistant’ for handling events and schedules by using Artificial Intelligence. In case of failing to comply with the schedules or if a conflict occurs and/or any changes, the service communicates to the other party automatically of the delay and re-schedule the event in no time.

Now with a new update, one dont know to reject call or inform the caller that he/she cant talk right now because you are driving. Vassist is designed to take care of that.

Description with video

It's Awesome

Our Core Feautures (Feedback/Suggestion Welcomed)

Your Data in Cloud

Your important data is backed up on our server so that there is no fear of your precious data might getting losed even if your mobile is broken or lost etc .

Initial Rewards

Its Free for use for all of you out there

24/7 Support

We are always here for any query or suggestion that you would like to send it to us. Our Contact email is salman@thecreativeverge.com


Main Application Screen Shot

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